It Begins With A Kiss

You can call me the dark idol.

I'm Samantha, a HIM fan of 11 years and this is my second blog that'll be dedicated to everything about the Finnish band HIM.

September 27th, 2013; the day I met HIM.

March 16th, 2014; saw HIM(2nd time).

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"One of my close friends committed suicide and I wrote a song for him called ‘The Kiss of Dawn’. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have written about birds and ice cream cones and shit like that. But I am Scandinavian and I like to dwell in misery." 
- Ville Valo

HIM in Argentina - Second show. (April 4th, 2014)

Picture taken by me.


Villes dad center.

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I’m sorry but I cannot listen to Unleash The Red without remembering the time HIM came out on stage whilst it was playing and I cried my eyes out when I realised they were real and not my imagination


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